February Digest: Gut-Health

February Digest: Gut-Health

Happy February everyone! This month’s topic is all about your gut, and why having good gut health is so important. I (Remi) was recently experiencing terrible stomach pain that was affecting my sleep at night and none of the doctors could figure out what it was. After multiple rounds of antibiotics that did not alleviate the pain and my CT scans returning with normal results, I began to realize that I needed to approach this situation more holistically. I thought back to my lifestyle the past few months and realized I had not been eating the best and was also experiencing some big life changes that were inadvertently causing a lot of stress. I decided to start incorporating breathing exercises and meditation back into my daily routine as well as eating healthier overall, consuming more gut-friendly foods, and taking a probiotic supplement. Almost instantly, my stomach pain disappeared and I was back to my energetic self within a couple days. It was then that I realized just how important your digestive system is to your body’s entire functionality. A healthy lifestyle starts with your gut, and we are here this month to provide you with some tips and tricks to have the healthiest gut possible. 

How do you know if you have poor digestion?

If you have consistent constipation, gas, diarrhea, bloating or heartburn, you most likely have some digestive issues. These distress calls are caused by food not being processed smoothly by your body. Poor digestion can even fluctuate your hormones, sleep quality, and sugar cravings.

Why is good digestion important?

Optimal health begins in your gut! Aside from your outer skin, your gut is the first part of your body that comes in contact with outside foreign substances. Everything you consume is absorbed by your digestive system and sent through to your bloodstream, including nutrients.

In other words, imagine your body is a freeway with multiple exits and every substance that enters needs to get to its destination. Your digestion system’s role is to break down nutrients into small enough parts for your body to use for energy, development, and cell repair. If your digestive system isn’t functionally properly, the rest of your body will suffer the consequences. 

What foods and drinks can you eat to improve digestion? 

Other factors that improve digestion

  • Whole foods – less processed foods / refined sugars
  • A good night’s sleep to let your organs rest 
  • Chewing your food well so it breaks down even more before it enters your stomach. 
  • Go for a walk after eating to lower your blood pressure and activate to start processing your food sooner. 
  • Avoid laying down or sleeping after a large meal otherwise the unusual gravity will slow down your digestion. 
  • Give your body a digestive break. Try to have at least a 12 hour window between your last meal of the day and 1st meal the following day to give your digestive system some time to reset. (ie. finish dinner by 8pm, and don’t eat breakfast the next day until 8am or later.) 
  • Eat organic foods which include more natural bacteria from natural farming methods
  • Reducing stress manages your digestion. When we are stressed, our muscles tend to tense up and our hunger either severely increases or decreases. Stress weakens your stomach lining which protects your body from diseases and foreign entities. 
  • Try stress relieving exercises such as breathing or meditation. 
    • Remi practices Wim Hof’s method for breathing exercises.
    • Bryn uses the Headspace app to do short meditations when she’s feeling overwhelmed. 
    • Other stress relieving practices are yoga, walking, and calling up a friend or loved one to catch up.
  • Probiotics are supplemental aids in your digestion. They contain live active bacteria that supports your digestion and nutrient absorption. Our favorite probiotic is Seed Probiotic
  • Recipes for fermented foods

We hope you found something inspiring or insightful in this month’s newsletter to improve your digestion or overall well being. We are firm believers that your body is an interconnected vessel that works in synchronicity rather than a robotic machine that only functions in parts. In that same vein, your digestion plays a huge role in how the rest of your body performs.

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