Meet the Yasuisters

Two Japanese-American sisters from Honolulu, HI

I’m Remi and I’m the older Yasui sister! I’m 28 years old and currently live in Los Angeles, CA where I work as a licensed Architect designing stores for Amazon. During my free time I love to draw people’s pets (@remiyasuiart), cook healthy recipes, search for the best restaurants, or get active outside with my Siberian husky, Snowball.

Hi, I’m Bryn, the baby Yasui. I am 24 years old Part-time vegan, full-time foodie currently residing in beautiful Seattle, Washington with my cat, Pippin. I work at a tech startup called Moxiworks as a IT specialist by day but at night and on the weekends, you can find me making a mess in the kitchen cooking healthy prepped meals for my clients.(@geminieats) If I’m not in the kitchen or working my day job, you can find me writing, watching anime, trying out new restaurants, playing tennis, or gallivanting in nature somewhere.